Kristyn Crow

Kristyn Crow is the author of ten nationally-published children's picture books. The titles include: COOL DADDY RAT (Putnam), BEDTIME AT THE SWAMP (HarperCollins), THE MIDDLE-CHILD BLUES (Putnam), SKELETON CAT (Scholastic), THE REALLY GROOVY STORY OF THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE (Albert Whitman, Inc.), ZOMBELINA (Bloomsbury), ZOMBELINA DANCES THE NUTCRACKER (Bloomsbury), ZOMBELINA SCHOOL DAYS (Bloomsbury) HELLO, HIPPO! GOODBYE, BIRD! (Random House) and THE JUNGLE MOONLIGHT TRAIN (Doubleday). She has received starred reviews from School Library Journal and Publishers Weekly, and won a blue ribbon from the Bulletin of the Center for Children's books (BCCB).  She was a Utah Book Award Nominee, and her book, ZOMBELINA DANCES THE NUTCRACKER won the 2016 AML Picture Book Award. Her books ZOMBELINA and ZOMBELINA SCHOOL DAYS were featured in the New York Times.

Kristyn is the screenwriter for The Accidental Astronauts, a Clark Planetarium movie released in March 2015 that teaches children about the Earth, moon, and sun. The movie is playing at planetariums across the country and internationally.  She has also written a second screenplay for Clark Planetarium,  The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket. The film is currently in production.

Kristyn has written over 360 articles on special needs parenting for Families.Com on topics including autism, juvenile diabetes, sensory integration disorder, family coping skills, medical breakthroughs, and more. Her articles have been reprinted in Pathfinders for Autism, Autism Speaks, Health, Disabled World, Autism, The Angelman Org, Homeschool World.Org, and more.

Since 2008, Kristyn has visited more than 250 elementary schools across the country, most especially in Utah. She teaches writing and rhythm in language to booster reading skills, involving students in creative and engaging writing activities. She visits every classroom in Endeavor Hall Charter School each semester for a new week-long writing project.  

Endeavor Hall Families appreciate all of Mrs. Crow does for our students!