Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are school opening and ending times? The doors open at 7:30am every morning. . Students are dismissed at 2:45pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Students are dismissed at 12:45pm on Friday. 

2. How do I report my student’s absence? Please call the office to report an absence. (801)972-1153. The office may excuse three consecutive absences. If your child has had a medical appointment, please provide a doctor’s note to excuse the absence.

3. What is the uniform policy? Please refer to the online policy in the Parent and Student Handbook. 

4. How can I contact my student’s teachers? Teachers can be reached via email. Teacher email addresses are available on the school website. Parents may schedule a meeting with a teacher after school hours. Please contact an administrator if an issue needs to be addressed during the school day.

5. Does Endeavor Hall celebrate holidays? Teachers create learning activities based on holidays that are handled in the classroom. Teachers may ask parents to help with these activities. Students do not exchange Valentine’s or Halloween candy or treats. 

6. How can I stay informed about my student’s progress? Teachers send home weekly learning plans and newsletters detailing learning happening in the classroom. Compass emails are sent out weekly that will show parents student grades and missing assignments.

7. Can I volunteer in my student’s classroom? Teachers love having parent helpers in the classroom, however with COVID-19 volunteers are not permitted in the building. Please check with your child's teacher for volunteer opportunities outside the classroom.