Eagle of the Quarter

Congratulations to the following students!  They  were selected to be honored as Eagles of the Quarter. 

Kindergarten: Sophia Vargas & Angelo Valente

1st Grade: Phoebe Hollowell & Hunter Harrison

2nd Grade: Benji Vuckovic & Zoe Gwilliam

3rd Grade: Zohal Naqarar & Andrew Larson 

4th Grade: Mariapaula Pacheco & Paul Torres Vargas 

5th Grade: Andrew Lorton & Patience Peterson

6th Grade: Alex Gomez & Toya Silva

Middle School: Marissa Stultz, Geo Mora, Clarissa Cummins and Jordan Martinez 

These are students who have demonstrated excellence in all aspects of school life during the Second Quarter. Congratulations!!! Keep up the hard work.