Eagle of the Quarter

Congratulations to the following students!  They  were selected to be honored as Eagles of the Quarter. 

Kindergarten: Maxx Trejo, Kaydence Petersen, Daphne Monroy 

1st Grade: Angel Zamudio Cano, Lola Draper 2nd Grade: Sara Pacheco, Rafael Duran 

3rd Grade: Andy Maceda, Bibiane Estrada 

4th Grade: Ryan Diaz, Jane Lomeli 

5th Grade: Jordan Gonzalez, Audrie Malstrom 

6th Grade: Rocky Cuevas, Jessica Patterson 

Middle School: Chip Kennedy, Kyra Miller, Felicia Clark 

These are students who have demonstrated excellence in all aspects of school life during the First Quarter. Congratulations!!! Keep up the hard work.